Take a stroll down memory lane and revisit the people and places that are an important part of Ketchikan’s past.

Ketchikan Area Photos


Snapper Carson, Knudson Cove, Historical Photo
Historical boathouse located on Snapper Carson’s property (Cir 1976). VIEW MORE PHOTOS (CLICK HERE)


Crane, Snapper, Carson, Marina
Photo (above) courtesy of Snapper Carson: The Crane — Snapper’s fishing tender moored at his old marina (Carson Marina), just north of Knudson Cove Marina.


By the late 1930s, boats used for mail runs consisted of adapted halibut schooners, cannery tenders and steamships converted for diesel-power such as the SS Dart (photo below).

Dart, Steamship
Published in Newell, Gordon R., and Williamson, Joe, Pacific Steamboats, Superior Publishing 1958. Because this work was published before 1964, renewal of the copyright was required in the 28th year following publication to prevent the work from becoming public domain. Uploader has searched the on-line records of the U.S. copyright office and found no record of any renewal of this work under the names of either author or of the publisher.

Prince of Wales Island Photos

Photo (above) courtesy of Sam Romey: Circa 1939 image of Wolf Creek boathouse construction and Isreal Steven’s cabin.


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