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Looking for short-term rentals in Ketchikan? Call (907) 254-7432

Are you a traveling nurse, doctor or professor? Do you source housing for large construction, transportation or towing companies like Dawson Construction or AMAK Towing? Look here for top-rated rentals in Ketchikan, Alaska. Corporate housing essentials— WiFi, workspace, smart TVs and self check-in. These rentals are only available October, November, December, January, February, March, April and May.

Alder House

3-Bedoom, 2-Bathroom plus Loft/Office located on the north end, 12.8 miles from Ketchikan airport. Ask about renting the 15-passenger van. CLICK HERE and call (907) 254-7432 for details.

Knudson Cove Inn

1-Bedroom, 1-Bathroom apartment with Outdoor Hot Tub Spa. Perfect writers retreat with amazing waterfront views. For more details, visit:

Chinook Shores Lodge

Available October 1st through May 1st only. Located 13 miles from Ketchikan airport, Chinook Shores Lodge has four 3-Bedroom, 1.5-Bath beach houses with private dock access. Ask about renting the 15-passenger van.

Looking for short-term rentals in Ketchikan?
Call (907) 254-7432

After all, who doesn’t love working from home in Alaska? Post COVID-19 it is the new normal. When looking for a short-term rental, look for furnished rentals, amazing views, rental car option and ready-to-go WiFi. Search for Corporate House, Ketchikan Rentals, Winter Rentals, Short-term Rentals,

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Hi I’m Nadra Angerman — born in Ketchikan and raised Wrangell. I studied, worked and lived in the Lower 48 for twenty-five years before returning to Alaska. I write about natural resources, economic development and the entrepreneurial spirit. My husband, daughter and I are co-owners of Chinook Shores Lodge, The Inn at Knudson Cove and Pier 25 Boathouse.

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