2022 is still THE YEAR of independent travel.

Knudson Cove Marina

For Rent: Kayaks and Standup Paddle Boards at Knudson

We are looking forward to sport fishing season with even more options for outdoor adventurers, including kayaks, SUPS and jet skis.

Race Around Revilla

Race Around Revilla: It’s On!

Sign up for THIS 145 mile race with divisions for human-powered, wind-powered and engine-powered watercraft and a chance to win $2,500.

Anglers on the dock on a sunny day.
Chinook Shores Lodge

Is fishing better after a rainy day, what about an entire summer?

When it rains it pours, Ketchikan recorded 47 inches of rainfall from June 1 – August 31, 2020 — that’s a record breaker!

Salmon Falls Resort
Salmon Falls Resort

Adventures for Indi Travelers

Salmon Falls Resort has just launched a a new series of adventures for travelers seeking customized outdoor explorations.

Pier 25, Knudson Cove, Ketchikan
January (2022)

“If you build it, they will come!”

After a long and contentious battle, the Ketchikan Gateway Borough Assembly voted unanimously to approve a rezone in the Knudson Cove area at a meeting held October 21, 2019. Resident and business owners, Jeff Wedekind and Nadra Angerman (hey that me, yes I was born here) plan to rebuild the old boathouse turning it into a place for locals and visitors to enjoy. Details about Pier 25 Boathouse are coming in 2022.

Cruising on a Sunny Afternoon…

February 6, 2021 — a great day for a boat ride — aboard the airport ferry to and from Ketchikan International Airport.