Alaska removes travel restrictions

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2020 was a destination marketers nightmare. Alaska imposed a travel ban prohibiting non-residents from entering the State other than for essential business. For many fishing lodges, that translated into immediate cancellations and lost revenue. The travel ban was lifted June 7, 2020 once COVID-19 testing and at-home testing kits became readily available.

Today, the Governor announced the State’s emergency declaration would expire and advised travelers they “should” get the 72-hour negative test result prior to arrival as opposed to “having” to. He recommends people flying to Alaska voluntarily get tested at the airport. Airport testing remains free for Alaskans. Alaska Airlines does not mandate pre-flight testing.

Still, many independent travelers like to get tested before traveling for piece of mind and travel confidence. And, there are even more FDA-approved home-collection COVID testing kits than there were in 2020:

Many Ketchikan fishing lodges (such as Chinook Shores Lodge, Clover Pass and Salmon Falls Resort) successfully operated in 2020 by meeting the Governor’s previous 72-hour testing mandate. Pro tip: For safe, hassle-free travel… Buy a test and administer it 72-hours before your departure flight to Alaska.

The State of Alaska website is a great source of information and advisories for anyone traveling to Alaska from the Lower 48. Learn more here…

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