Married Man’s Trail

Married Mans Trail Creek Street Ketchikan
Married Man's Trail, the historic route for men to access Ketchikan's former red-light district without being seen.

Historically, Married Man’s Trail was the route for men to access Dolly’s House and other establishments in Ketchikan’s former red-light district along Creek Street — without being seen. Today, the trail offers a short and “shady” walk through the forest. The shaded forest is in contrast to the busy downtown area which is typically crawling with tourists in the summer time.

The easy, 20-minute walk will take you to the Cape Fox Lodge where you can enjoy a meal and views of Deer Mountain, Tongass Narrows, and downtown Ketchikan. My husband and I own Chinook Shores Lodge and book a ‘staycation’ once or twice a year just to play tourists ourselves. I like to shop at Ketchikan Dry Goods, The Captain’s Lady and Soho Coho. He likes to pub crawl K-Town’s nostalgic watering holes (ahem the First City Saloon, Arctic Bar and Sourdough). We both like to ride the Cape Fox tram when we’re too lazy to walk — scandalous. The lounge at the top has a stone fireplace, impressive wine list and fully stocked bar. It’s a perfect way to end the day. Oh and by the way, their desert menu is sinful — if you feel like cheating on your diet (not your husband).

K-Town Tourist Attraction:

Just before the Married Man’s trail head along the rocky gorge area of Creek Street is a viewing platform featuring the Yeltatzie Salmon, sculpted by local artist Terry Pyles. This tourist attraction was commissioned by the City of Ketchikan and named in honor of the Haida Native carver, Jones Yeltatzie, and it replaced a painted wood salmon sculpture he carved in the ’60s.

Yeltatzie Salmon inspired by native artist Jones Yeltatzie
“Yeltatzie” Salmon created by local artist Terry Pyles

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