Ketchikan flights to/from Seattle as low as $99 bucks!

Alaska Airlines
Flying home to Ketchikan after a short stint in Seattle: We love Alaska Airlines!

A person can fly on a commercial jet from Seattle to Ketchikan, non-stop in just 90-minutes. This makes “getting here” a breeze for would-be independent travelers.

For the past couple years, Delta Airlines has offered seasonal flights to and from Ketchikan, 2021 is no different. This is great news for independent travelers who enjoy choices and the ability to use or log miles on their Delta Airlines mileage program. Locals (mostly Alaska Air mileage plan members) also enjoy logging and redeeming frequent flyer miles, but more importantly they enjoy cheep flights resulting from the ongoing fare war between the two airlines:

Mask Up and Go!

Alaska Airlines is offering great deals for independent travelers with Ketchikan on their minds — $99 one way to/from Seattle!

Tickets must be purchased by March 22, 2021.

I repeat. You much purchase your tickets before March 22, 2021 to take advantage of these amazingly low fares. Alaska Airlines is also waiving change and cancellation fees for tickets purchased by March 31, 2021. And, beginning April 1, the airline will eliminate change fees on Main and First Class fares everywhere Alaska flies. Delta Airlines is advertising $99 Seattle-Ketchikan fares for travel between May 29 and September 30, 2021.

Love to fly? Book a Ketchikan flightseeing excursion.

Flightseeing gives you an aerial view of Ketchikan. While visiting Ketchikan, these sightseeing flights will take you to Misty Fjords, Neets Bay and Anan Creak bear observatory. There’s no shortage of pilots in Ketchikan. Here’s a list of operators (in alphabetical order):

These operators offer some of the most spectacular flight seeing tours, guided fishing tours and private charter flights in Ketchikan. Do you have a favorite air service? Leave a comment below!

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